Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! The September 2017 scarlet lime Planner Society Kit is here!!!!

I get the Monthly Planner Society Kit Club subscription, as well as the Washi Tape Kit. Above is a pic of the kits inside their paper bags – who knew brown flowers could be so pretty????
The Washi Tape Kit comes with three rolls of washi that are 30mm, 15mm, and 10mm wide. The roll on the left has a woodgrain, floral, rose gold bow design.

The middle washi tape roll are multi-colored planners in a horizontal orientation.

The washi on the right is pink and black plaid – So. Pretty….
The main kit is in this brown floral paper bag – how beautiful is this bag????
This is a mini booklet that holds stamp sets like the one on the right – which is an inside view of a planner, complete with tiny bows.
This are DIY pen holders – there are three designs to choose from. If you want to watch a video on how to make these, search DIY planner pen loops on YouTube. They’re realllllllly easy to make.
There are two rolls of washi tape – one is pink with rose gold bows and the other is a black floral.
Twelve diecut tabs – in designs that match the kit – and four sheets of labels are shown above.
Ugh, how CUTE ARE THESE??? The bow on the left is a dimensional metallic gold sticker, and the owl paper clip on the right is a shaker. Seriously. This is the cutest clip I’ve ever owned!!!!!
These are owl and planner sticky note pads. Sheesh, they are just adorable!!

And that pen . . . the barrel is black floral and the end has like gold shavings in a liquid – they float around . . . Huh . . . Just . . . Wow . . .
There are six paper doilies – 3 in black floral, and 3 in brown and pink floral – 4 journal cards, and a set of die cuts.
The paper bag on the left is plaid with a grouping of roses on it. Inside are six mini sheets of sticker deco and one mini sheet of sentence strips.
Finally, the kit came with six sheets of double-sided paper, one sheet of acetate with bows, and two sheets of floral vellum.
Here is a pic of the entire kit – you really get your money’s worth in The Planner Society kits. And they’re full of florals. And vintage. And girlie. And pretty. And I Love Them . . .
I used my WRMK Planner Punch and punched the left side of the sticky note card, as well as the pocket I made for my extras.
Here is the month-on-two-pages spread. I use this planner to plan and organize my blogs for the month. I made a pen holder (on the left), and used the acetate to make a dashboard.
This is the first full week spread. I framed one of the owl diecuts with washi (top left), ran washi along the left side and bottom of the pages, and created my own flags out of the washi (top outside corners of the pages).

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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