Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I am making Planner Paper Bag Pockets. I am always at a loss as to what to do with the extra stickers and ephemera that come in kits – translation:  I usually can’t find them when I want them . . .

I found a possible solution on “The Planner Society #officialgroup” Facebook page. Violet Ballew uploaded a video showing how to make the above pocket pages out of the bag that comes in The Planner Society Kit.
Here we go . . . I want my pocket page to fit in my A5 planner. The left photo shows a page from my planner and the paper bag that came in the March kit.

In the center pic, I clipped the page to the bag – cutting it this way keeps the left and bottom edges of the bag intact, effortlessly creating part of the pockets.

In the right pic, I cut the bag to size.
Next, in the left pic, I cut an “L” shape from the top layer, leaving about 1/3 intact – also leaving an edge on the left will reinforce the page when punched.

I used my ATG in the center pic, putting adhesive on the cutout piece.

In the right pic, I glued the cutout piece to the back of the page – the bottom pocket is done.
Then I chose a different patterned piece of paper, and cut it to the size of the desired pocket in the left pic.

The right pic shows the pocket in place – make sure you only put adhesive on the side and bottom edges – you want to make sure it will open – yep, learned this the hard way . . .
I used my minc to laminate the page – I set it on 5 and ran it through twice. Then I trimmed the extra laminate off around the edges.
Using a craft knife, I carefully slit the laminate along the top edges of the pockets.
Punched the holes on the left edge.
And, here’s my finished Paper Bag Pocket with stickers, stencils, and journal cards in the pockets. It literally took about 15 minutes to make this from start to finish – including heating the minc. Now that’s a quick and easy project!

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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