Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! Here’s the July 2017 scribbleprintsco Mystery Ultimate Kit.

This months’ mailer has this HUGE sticker of Gerbera daisies on it. The sticker is a hint of the colors and design of the kit. Let’s see . . .
The kit comes in a sealed clear plastic bag with a large glitter label on the front and a heart checklist sticky note pad – the note pad is exclusive to subscribers.

Notice the flowers around the outside edge of the note pad? Yep, same design as the sticker on the back of the mailer. So pretty!!
The mini deco sticker sheet (left) is a freebie – notice the little peeps along the bottom – they are from oncemorewithlove. The lipstick stickers (right) and glitter appointment labels (center) are extras.

Wow, can you see that glitter? It’s unbelievable!!
The top left sheet are the full box heart checklists, on the top right are the half/quarter boxes, and in the center are is the functional sheet.

Andrea says the color scheme is not pastel, but I would definitely consider these pastels . . .
Above on the left is the glitter washi and headers sheet. On the right are the solid washi and little things labels, and in the center is a glitter sheet. The glitter sheet is an extra in the subscription kit.
The sheet on the left has a full deco box, washi, and the days of the week (they fit perfectly in the Erin Condren planner).

The top right sheet has the full boxes, and the center sheet has deco, icons, and miscellaneous functional stickers.
Here’s a pic of the entire kit – this is definitely pastel in my world . . .
I use this kit in my daily planner – I am a white space planner, but if you like to fill your pages with stickers, there are plenty of them in this kit.

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .


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