Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! The July 2017 scarlet lime Planner Society Kit is here!!!!

I get the Monthly Planner Society Kit Club as well as the Washi Tape Kit. Above is a shot of the kits inside their paper bags – I use the paper bags to make a pocket folder for the extras, so I can use them throughout the month.
This is the Washi Tape Kit – the pic on the left shows a navy and white striped design with pink pineapples – not a color combination I would’ve used, but it definitely works. Huh . . .

On the right are the three rolls of washi – 30mm, 15mm, and 10mm – OMG, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the girl in the hat!!!!
Here is the bag holding the planner kit. I love how the bags have a custom design that coordinates with the kits’ colors and designs.
How cute is this pouch? It has a scalloped edge, lavender flowers, and a navy bow. So, so pretty!!
Above is an acrylic stamp set – too cute – a roll of green floral washi – and a mix of sequins that coordinate with this months’ color scheme.
Pineapple sticky notes, do I have plans for you . . .

Also, how about that pen? Navy and white stripes with a pink rose design, rose gold accents, and white crystals in the barrel – can’t wait to use this!!
I usually use the journal cards to embellish my dashboards.
Lots of die cuts!
There are 12 tabs and 4 sheets of labels – I use these to label the weeks.
Aaaghhh!! Look at these clips – I’ve never seen anything like them before and . . .

I. Love. Them.
The stickers come in their own paper bag – more pineapples. This month there are 4 sheets of sticker deco.
The top photo shows one sheet of acetate and two sheets of vellum – seriously, the girls in the hats!!!!

The bottom pic shows the six sheets of paper – I use them to make dashboards.
Here’s the entire July Kit – how pretty!!!!!! Man, I need to get to work . . .
I made this shaker from the sticky notes – I cut the centers out of a stack of the sticky notes, glued them together, laminated the top and bottom layer, inserted some of the sequins, and sealed it up with glue.

It has absolutely no function, lol, but it sure was fun to make and isn’t it pretty????
This a pocket folder made from the paper bags in the kit – I have a previous blog where I explain how I make them.
Here is the month-on-two-pages spread – I use this planner to track my social media. On the right, I made a dashboard out of the acetate from the kit.
This is the first week spread – don’t you just love those swimsuit girls???

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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