Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! Here’s the January 2018 scribbleprintsco Mystery Ultimate Kit. This is a monthly planner sticker subscription kit.

The sticker on the back of the mailer gives a hint of the kits’ theme. Looks like pink, gold, glitter (of course), ribbon, hmm, she’s holding a string, a balloon??? Let’s see . . .
Here’s a pic of what’s inside – the kit comes in a clear envelope. Yep, balloons . . . for a celebration?? The post it notes are a subscriber exclusive – which means you only get them if you’re a subscriber of the Ultimate Kit.
There is always a full sheet of glitter stickers that includes washi, flags and quarter boxes – it is available ala carte in her shop. The fashion girls come in various skin tones and is available ala carte in her shop.

The small sheet with the envelopes are also available in her shop ala carte – I’m going to use them to remind myself to send out my cards. The small deco sheet is a freebie in the kit.
The middle full sheet has habit trackers, appointment labels, quarter and half boxes, and four large sequin half boxes.

The left sheet has eight full boxes that can be used separately or together – some of them have banners along the top edge that fit together.

The right sheet has bottom washi, date strips and an extra full box.
On the left is the functional sheet with habit trackers, icons, flags, appointment labels, heart checklists, heart flags, and a sequin weekend banner.

On the right is a full page of deco, icons, dinosaurs, and other labels.
Little things and washi stickers are on the left in pink, bronze, gray and gold. On the right is a full sheet of ombre heart checklists. And, in the center is a full sheet of patterned washi and little things headers.
The above card is a new addition to the kit this month – it feels like a reminder that there’s always something to celebrate – not necessarily a birthday, anniversary or holiday. Just every day celebrations . . . Nice concept . . .
Here’s a shot of the entire kit – I love when the guesswork of coordinating elements is taken care of for me. I mean, really . . . look at those beautiful colors!!
Here’s the kit in my February planner – how pretty is this????? Look at all that glitter!!! Ugh, my pretty planning space!

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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