Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! The January 2018 scarlet lime Planner Society Kit is here!!!!

I get the Monthly Planner Society Kit Club subscription, as well as the Washi Tape and Box Sticker Kits. Above is a pic of the inside of the box. This is one of two planner kits I get each month – I love them both for different reasons. I LOVE this one because it’s floral, vintage and girly.
The Washi Tape Kit comes with three rolls of washi that are 30mm, 15mm, and 10mm wide. The roll on the left is the same pink roses on a black background as the bag it came in – soooo pretty.

The washi tape in the center is a wonky black lacey pattern.

The wide washi on the right has pink roses and rose gold metallic dots scattered over it. LOTS of rose gold in this kit.
This is the Box Sticker Society Kit. It includes a half sheet of full boxes, a half sheet of clipboard stickers, a half sheet of half boxes, quarter boxes, and washi strips, and a half sheet of decorative and functional stickers.

The stickers are designed to fit in the Erin Condren, Inkwell Press, Paper Source planner, Happy Planner, and box style inserts from some etsy shops. The full boxes are 1.5” x 2”.
The Planner Kit is inside this bag – the design is blurred pink roses and white crosses on a black background.

This pouch has the same blurred design and the pink flap is really, really soft. That rose button, though . . . Mmmmhmmm, these little extras are what keep me coming back . . .
I also love the stamp sets that come in these kits – I’ll definitely use the Instagram one. On the right are six paper doilies – 3 with the dark rose pattern, and 3 are white with black polka dots.

The washi is the rose on black background pattern with roe gold crosses as well. Last, but not least, is the coffee mug appliqué – there was a similar appliqué (deer antlers) in the November kit.
Above is a BEEYOUTIFUL floral wreath sticky note pad, a rose gold pen with gold glitter (it moves reeeaaaallllyyyy slow – LOVE IT), and a set of DIY pen loop holders – they’re soooo cool!!!
There are four sheets of labels for the twelve tabs. The tabs come in the kits designs – usually two in each design, which are different sizes or turned in opposite directions.
This a sweet fabric bow that comes with an extra chain – you can clip it on a TN rubber band or your planner rings/coils.
There are five cards with rose gold accents – I use these on my dashboards, sometimes I clip them to a page, or I glue them in an empty space on a planner page.
These are the die cuts – to-go cups, clothing, flowers (of course), furniture. I had to really look at the die cut on the right in the middle – it’s a chandelier, of all things, lol. The die cuts in these kits are soooo fun!!!
Stickers come in their own pretty bag – there are four sheets of deco – lots of decorating is gonna happen with these!
Last, but not least, is the beautiful paper. There are six sheets in the top photo – pink roses on a black background with white crosses, pink roses on a light weathered wood background, roses on a dark gray distressed background, white flowers on a pink weathered background, black polkadots on a white background, and black lacy stripes on a white background.

The bottom pic shows one sheet of rose gold polka dots on clear acetate, rose gold lacy striped vellum, and pink roses on a pink lacy striped background with rose gold crosses.
Here’s a shot of the entire kit – rose gold, florals, black, light pink. I Cannot Wait to decorate my planner!! Let’s go . . .
This is my month-on-two-pages spread in my blog planner. Notice the pen loop on the right – there’s a video on YouTube explaining how to make them. I Love, Love, Love the “Instagram” stamp. I need one that says “Blog” . . .
Finally, here is a week-on-two-pages spread. This is where I organize my blog ideas and break them down in to smaller, manageable pieces. I love working in a pretty space . . .

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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