Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! It’s the April 2017 Paper Panduh Make Your Dreams Happen kit.

Above is a pic of the inside of the box – I love, love, love the tissue paper – and that soft pink satin ribbon is so pretty! I. Love. Pretty.

Each kit is personalized in some way – this month is the GIANT round sticker with my initial on it – ugh, so, so, so pretty!!!!
The Panduh Box is multi-layered – adds to the suspense . . . here are a few items atop a piece of pink tissue paper. Wait, there’s more . . . Oh yes, there’s more . . .
And . . . this is under the pink tissue . . .
Here’s a simple, yet lovely, pink, glittery paper clip from HelloSimplePaper.
How about this hand-drawn days of the week washi?

I’ve been playing around with lettering . . . I think I’ll try this . . . Looks easy, right?
This months’ kit is “focused on functional planning.” . . . “we not only wanted this month’s planner goodies to be pretty” . . . well, I. Love. Pretty.

Did I already say that? Well . . . it bears repeating . . . I. Love. Pretty. Why not have a pretty, as well as functional, place to work????
Here’s a bag with GIANT gold polka dots on it with a few goodies inside . . . There’s a gold metal alphabet/number stencil by dear lizzy and a pink metallic pen with a really fine point (my absolute favorite size tip).
And, of course, there are stickers. The functional stickers on the left are from Paper House.

The ones in the center are from heidi swapp and are clear – I am a huge heidi swapp fan – her products as well as her.

There are 3 sheets of stickers from Color Pop Studio – your traditional planner stickers – numbers, full and half boxes, days of the week, flags, etc. – in a black and soft pink color scheme.
This is a really useful notepad to help keep me organized for the week – seeing my plans on one sheet of paper makes them seem less daunting – and honestly, I get more done.
Here’s a pic of the entire kit – mmmmmmmmm, so beautiful!!!!
Yeah, so, I was at Hobby Lobby right after I got this kit and . . . seriously . . .  isn’t this washi perfect for the kit????? Yeah, I thought so too.
How fun is this? I cut a section out of the paper bag, laminated it, slit along the opening with a craft knife, attached a piece of the pink satin ribbon with my mini attacher, and put the extra stickers in the pocket. I put my giant “J” sticker on the back.

Again . . . pretty AND functional.
Here is my monthly spread. This is by far my favorite spread I’ve ever, ever done.

The “May” on the top left is a monthly die from Peachy Cheap – I cut it out and attached it to a piece of cardstock, inking the edges.

I used the stencil to letter “gagegirl” across the center – this may become a standard addition.

The washi is from my stash, the sticker on the bottom right is from the outside of the tissue – I used Undo to get it off without tearing it – a neat little trick.
This is the first week spread.

The weekday washi was too wide for my Erin Condren . . . so . . . I alternated the days top and bottom . . . hmm, I like it.

You can see my sticker pocket on the right, attached with the pink paper clip.

So. Much. Pretty. Stuff.

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .


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