Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I’m making the SVGCuts Heirloom Christmas Tree.

Above is a screen shot of the svg files in Cricut Design Space. Cricut makes uploading svg files So Easy – you just have to remember to attach the scorelines to the appropriate pieces – otherwise, they go on a different mat – You. Need. The. Scorelines. ON. The. Pieces.
Here are the cutout pieces. I used Close To My Heart cardstock in Ruby, Lemon, and Ponderosa Pine (retired). The patterned paper is from a CTMH Fundamental Paper Pack.
There are eight each of two different shapes. Above are the smaller shapes assembled (I forgot to take an unfolded/assembled pic . . . yeah, sorry . . . ).
This is the larger piece – unfolded, folded, and assembled.
Using one piece of each size, I glued them together to make one larger piece.
I took two of the larger pieces and glued them together to start forming the tree.
The top pic shows all 8 pieces glued together, and the bottom shows the bulbs in the holes.
These two pieces go on the bottom of the tree to close it up.
The piece with the larger opening goes on first, and then the piece with the smaller opening. The opening will fit over the candle lamp.
Here’s the finished tree top. Next is the base assembly . . .
I glued the patterned panels on the bottom base sections.
This part is actually pretty ingenious. The four pieces on the left are stacked on top of each other and glued together, and then placed over the matching opening – this reinforces this section where the cord will go through. How does the plug fit through this opening??? Just wait and see . . .
Glue the base sections together to form a ring on the left, and glue the octagonal piece to the bottom.
Here’s the ingenious part, cut the section with the opening from the top and the cord fits through it. Hah, cool . . . Then glue another octagonal piece on top to support the bottom of the base.
Next is the top of the base. I glued the patterned panels on the larger base sections, glued the ends together to form a ring, and glued another octagonal piece on the top and bottom.
Put glue on the bottom of the top base section, feed it over the candle lamp, line it up and press it down until it is adhered.
Here’s the finished tree with my Jim Shore snowmen – it’s a perfect addition to my snowman vignette. Oh, and it came out awesome!!!!!

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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