Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I am making Christmas 2017 Koozies for my family’s gift exchange.

Actually, the koozies were already made – they are from my nephew’s wedding in November. While we were there, my sister and I had a brainy idea (not sure if it was our best idea . . .) to put numbers on them and use them for our Christmas gift exchange.

Above is a screen shot of the numbers in Cricut Design Space. The font is Cricut Sans and the numbers are 1″ tall.
Using Cricut White Glitter Iron On, I mirrored the numbers and cut them out with my Cricut Maker.

In the left picture is the glitter iron on on my Cricut Bright Pad and the weeding tool. The cuts were really easy to see on this vinyl – black is more difficult – just a tip, roll the vinyl after it’s cut. This will separate the cut pieces from the rest of the vinyl just enough to let light through.

I’m peeling away the vinyl in the center pic – always peel slowly at an angle.

The right pic shows the extra vinyl gone and now I have to weed the centers of the numbers.
Okay, so, I had a little problem here, there was nowhere to put the numbers – not enough space above or below the design that was already there and there are seams on either side. Of course, it would’ve made my life so much easier if I had measured the space before I cut the numbers out . . . Hmmmm . . .
Plan B – I turned them inside out. You’ll see another problem I had later . . .
I set my Heat Press to 330 degrees temperature and 90 seconds time.
In case you’re wondering, this is where I got my heat press.
Here are the finished koozies. They came out great!!

The problem I had when pressing them is that since the koozies were inside out and already had a design on them, the front and back designs stuck together. Only one of them reallllllly stuck and transferred onto the other design (top right in the photo), otherwise the rest of them were a-okay.

Why didn’t I put something inside them to keep them from sticking? Good question. I let them cool before I peeled the vinyl liner off and didn’t realize they were sticking until I started turning them inside out. Duuuuhhhh! Live and learn . . .

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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