Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I am making Camp Nana 2017 T-shirts for my grandchildren.

Every summer my grandchildren come to stay with us and I make a t-shirt for each of them. Above is a pic of my oldest granddaughter’s shirt.
I let them pick whatever they want on their t-shirt. My granddaughter wanted a night fury from “How to Train Your Dragon.” I search through Google Images for a design that is fairly simple, and copy and save it on my hard drive.
In Cricut Design Space, I click on the “Upload” button (on the left toolbar), which takes me to the above screen, where I click the green “Upload Image” button.
This screen comes up and I click the green “Browse” button.
Then a box comes up where I find my file and select it.
Choose the image type – I usually choose Moderately Complex or Complex.
I have to clean up my image by clicking where I want the design cut out and erasing words and/or sections I don’t want.
The checkered sections are negative space and will be cut out – then I click the green Continue button.
Next, I have to decide if I want to save as a Print Then Cut Image or a Cut Image.
Here is my Night Fury image – I select it and click the green Insert Images button.
And, here it is in my work space.
An extremely useful tool in DS3 is the Templates button on the left toolbar and choose t-shirt. This helps with sizing and placement of my design. I set it on “Kids t-shirt” and size “Small.”
The final step in designing a t-shirt image is to set the “mirror” toggle so it cuts in reverse. Iron-on vinyl has a clear layer that the vinyl sticks to until you iron it on your project – it’s peeled away after ironing it on.
This is a Thunderbirds shirt for my four-year-old grandson.
And, this is a MineCraft shirt for my six-year-old grandson. T-shirts are so easy to make, especially now that Cricut came out with the Easy Press. Just sayin’.

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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