Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I have my first Anna Griffin Make Something You Love Autoship kit.

When I bought my Cricut Maker on HSN in October 2017, it came with an Anna Griffin auto ship – where you get periodic product shipments. This is not like any auto shipments I’ve seen on HSN. Read on to find out why . . .
This is the autoship schedule and the included kits. So, here’s what’s different: Each kit is for a different medium to create something with the Maker. Anna Griffin created projects and assembly videos for each kit, and are meant to help the new owner learn how to use the Maker. The media are paper, felt, vinyl, iron-on, printable, faux leather, and fabric. OMG, I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
This is the 1st kit. It came in a white cardboard storage box with a drawer – above is a view of what’s inside.
The kit came with an image set – not sure if all the kits do or not – called ‘Make Something You Love’.
This is a set of the new Cricut Extra Fine Point Pen Set, Basics.
An instruction sheet was included for each project – there are three.
These are special instructions for the Deluxe Paper and Glitter Cardstock – glitter cardstock is thicker than regular cardstock, thus it needs a different paper setting.
This is the Glitter Cardstock Classic set – one sheet of each color.
There are two sheets of this special paper – it’s two-sided – pink/gold foil pattern on one side and solid pink on the other.
Here is the Anna Griffin Deluxe Paper pack – it is also two-sided – pattern on one side and solid on the other.
A link is provided in the videos to the Design Space project – it’s all ready to be cut. Awesome!!!!
Project #1: Scrapbook Page. The pieces are in the top left pic, the green floral layer is added at the top right, the photo and other pieces are added in the bottom left, and I framed mine on the right.
Project #2: Candy Bag Toppers. The pieces are in the top left pic, on the toplight are the folded toppers layered over the black glitter piece, bottom left shows the assembled bow, and the bottom right shows the bow attached to the topper.
I got clear bags from Michaels, filled them with Reese’s Pieces and attached the toppers to the bags.
Project #3: Flip Card. The pieces are in the left pic, the card is folded along the score lines in the center, and a view of the front is on the right.
A gold circle is attached to the back side of the flip section on the left (this will show on the front of the card), the pink cutout circle is attached on top of the glitter circle in the center pic, and the front sentiment circle is attached to the other side of the flip circle in the right pic.
On the left, I attached a gold glitter ring to the outside of the card, and added the rest of the embellishments on the right.

Here’s the finished card – Anna Griffin designs are just beautiful, aren’t they?

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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