Refinishing an Antique Dresser

Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I’m refinishing an antique dresser – something I’ve never done before.

Above is a pic of the sad dresser I’ve held on to for 30+ years because #1 I love it; #2 it’s an antique; #3 it’s just a beautiful piece of furniture (after I fix it up a little . . . okay . . . more than a little . . .). I have all the pieces – they just need some reassembly.

Hang on, wait till you see how it was transformed . . .
The first step was to fill the gouges, cracks and holes. I used the wood filler above, and then sanded the entire piece to rough it up – it’s supposed to give the primer something to cling to.

After sanding, I wiped down everything with a damp cloth to get rid of the dust.
Then I rolled on a coat of primer over the entire surface, top, back, front, and sides. FYI, I used a roller because I didn’t want brush marks.

As you can see, I did this outside where there was plenty of ventilation. Luckily, there was very little wind that day. Also, I put a tarp on the driveway – just in case I drip – to be fair, I usually do . . .
Here’s the dresser fully primed.

Learn from my mistakes, make sure you prime/paint the inside section that the drawer sits on – I had to touch that up because when I put the drawers in, I could see where I didn’t paint – uggggghhhhhh!!!!
The dresser is completely painted. I bought two gray night stands from that I wanted to match. I took a leg from the night stand to Sherwin Williams and they matched the paint. How awesome (and easy) is that????

You may already know this, but primer makes all the difference – it goes on like a dream, gives the paint something to grip to, and makes the paint look smooth and even (I used two coats, but probably didn’t need to).
Here’s the finished dresser. It’s a yellow room and is literally glowing in this pic, lol.

I got the knobs from Hobby Lobby (they were 50% off), attached the mirror, and added the scarf , which was crocheted by my mom. My husband removed the casters (which were wooden, totally awesome, btw) and replaced them with felt pads.

I would definitely do a project like this again. It took two days to complete because I waited a day between coats of paint, giving it plenty of time to dry in between.

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April/May ScribblePrintsCo Mystery Collection

2016-05-17 20.23.47Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

Here are the April/May ScribblePrintsCo Monthly Mystery Collections. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the April collection before I used it – oops!!! So . . . I took a closeup of the sticky notes that came in the kit.

The April kit includes the above sticky notes, an olive green Staedtler triplus fineliner pen, and sticker sheets – a sampler, 2 functional sheets, checklists, full boxes, headers, little things, and washi strips.

2016-05-17 19.41.04I love this color combination – olive green, gold and pink – it really goes together well, who knew?

I used my Close To My Heart planner, which is horizontal and has a similar layout to the Heidi Swapp planner, for the April kit.

I am really trying to love this sticker kit.

However . . . I have definitely decided, once and for all, I Do Not Like No White Space Planning – I WANT some open space. Period. This is just too busy for me.

Love the colors. Love the sticky notes. Love the pen. Love the stickers. DON’T love the crowded look.

2016-05-10 15.44.20Here is a picture of the May kit – it has an adorable carnival theme with a red, pink, gold, and blue color scheme.

This kit includes a set of sticky notes, a pink Sharpie marker, and sticker sheets – a sampler, 2 functional sheets, checklists, full boxes, headers, little things, and washi strips.

2016-05-17 19.41.42So . . . with my thoughts about the April kit in mind, I decided to use my vertical Plum Paper Planner (this is my blog planner) and spread the May collection out over two weeks.

Week One: Much better – I think I’m getting there. I like the left column – This Week and Next Week will keep me focused on what I want to get done now and where I’m headed in the next two weeks.

Hmm, there are too many “To Do’s” for each day – I guess I could break down what I do into smaller steps . . .

Now sure what to do with the full boxes that have designs in them . . . should I write over the design??? Are they just decorative?? Ughhhhh! They’re too pretty to write on . . .

Not a fan of the “Weekend” banner – I usually run a piece of washi vertically to the left of Saturday to separate it from the week.

What the heck are “Little Things”???????? I. Don’t. Know.

2016-05-17 19.42.19Week Two: This week was even better – more white space . . . I’m thinking that I’m going to cut down the checklists so they’re shorter. Still . . . those patterned full boxes – I don’t want to write over the designs . . . Man, I am way overthinking these stickers, lol.

I totally wasted the half boxes in the left column . . .

Here’s what I’m going to do different with next month’s collection:

1. Cut the checklists in half (actually 3/5’s, since there are 5, lol).

2. Add washi.

3. Cut some of the full boxes in half, or maybe even quarters – spread out the prettiness.

4. What can I do with the half boxes? Hmm, something to ponder, lol.

I’m giving this kit one more try – my subscription ends with the June collection. If I’m not completely in love with the ENTIRE kit, I’m going to have to cancel it. That would make me so sad . . . I really want to love it . . .

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June Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit in Action

2016-05-16 21.25.55Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

Here’s the June Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit in action!!! Look at all those bright colors – this is going to be so much fun!!!!!

2016-05-17 20.02.36I cut down the Pretty Little Studio 8×8 transparency and made an overlay for the month tab. The blue V’s and upside down V’s are on the transparency. Pretty addition to the diamond pattern.

2016-05-16 21.26.28This is the month-on-two-pages. The first thing I do is go through and write all my activities for the month in. Then I add washi – I learned the hard way not to wait too long to put the washi on – if I do, it doesn’t fit anywhere.

The word washi came from Michaels and the colors fit perfectly with this months’ kit.’

How about that bird carrying a cup? Huh?

2016-05-16 21.27.05Week 1: Here’s my first week’s spread. June starts on Wednesday, so I get to do a little extra decorating, yay!

Seriously, look at the colors! Aaaaaaggggghhhhh, it is just beautiful! I try to leave as much room as possible for writing – I keep trying the “no white space” planner deco, but I’m leaning more and more toward this type of decorating.

2016-05-16 21.27.39Week 2: I like to put matching washi designs on each weeks’ spread for consistency throughout the month. I put the floral washi above Monday and the lime/mojito washi under Saturday and Sunday. I also ran some skinny washi from my stash along the inside edge of the left page – it matches the month’s red/orange perfectly.

I stamped the bird with its cup at the top of each set of pages, as well – I Love It.

2016-05-16 21.28.14Week 3: I put the number banners next to the weekdays – I think I said this last month, but they are ever so slightly too wide to fit between the edge of the page and the weekday. My OCD wants them all to be along the edge of the page, lol.

Road trip to see the American Pickers again this summer in Leclair, Iowa with my dad – we didn’t actually see THEM, but the Buffalo Bob Museum certainly was a highlight, lol. It actually was a fun trip – we also went to the Amana Colonies and the John Deere headquarters . . . good Americana stuff . . .

2016-05-16 21.29.14Week 4: Yep, turning 58 this year, how is that even possible??? The numbers are from the C’est La Vie Acetate Alphabet set by Pink Paislee.

Yes, I remembered to peel the plastic off the letters before putting them in the planner, lol.

2016-05-16 21.29.47Week 5: June ends on a Thursday, so, extra decorating room at the end of the month as well. Woohoo!!

Check out how well that watercolor pen goes with my planner. Nice, huh?

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June Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit

2016-05-11 21.08.58Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

The June Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit is here! It’s here! It’s here! It’s the little things I look forward to, lol.

2016-05-11 21.09.34Here’s the inside. Ugh, I just LOVE black and white polkadots! I got a couple of add-on things as well this month – because I loved them too, lol.
2016-05-11 21.10.08Here’s the cloth bag holding the kit . . . “Enjoy Every Day”

2016-05-11 21.10.42Here’s what was inside the bag . . . feeling the suspense??

2016-05-11 21.11.09I LOVE the washi this month – “a little roll of happy” – so darned cute! It’s “midnight mojito” with dark blue and lime green sections, and an overall floral pattern. I CAN NOT wait to see it on the planner inserts!
2016-05-11 21.11.46Watercolor design pen with black ink – 0.38mm – pretty summery colors.
Orange flower sticky note pad – bright, bright orange – I have no idea what it says – “All of the world’s . . . . all because of love” I cannot figure out what the last word in the first line is, can you? If you can, let me know . . . it’s making me crazy . . .
3×5 Exclusive notepad – “Don’t be NORMAL” – I’m not, so it’s perfect . . .

2016-05-11 21.12.23Exclusive fabric top ribbon clip *assorted – this is really soft cotton
Exclusive flair button boho planner charm – it’s a nice coral, one of my favorite colors.
Metal Daisy paper clip – I don’t know how they attached the daisy to the paper clip, but it’s on there really well – it is NOT coming off!!

2016-05-11 21.13.055×7 Exclusive planner sticker sheet – this comes in the kit every month and complements the kit’s theme and colors.
Exclusive Day and Date sticker sheet – this sticker set is new. It has date banners, bubbles, teardrops, flags, checklist banners, headers – also in the kit’s colors.

The month tab page has a diamond pattern with “marrakesh” designs in them. Really colorful – navy blue, turquoise, watercolor blue, peach, coral, orange – great summer colors and patterns.

2016-05-11 21.13.42The kit comes with planner inserts:

Month on 2 pages
Monthly checklist and goal pages
5 double sided week in review pages

2016-05-11 21.14.145 sets double sided weekly overview pages (2 per set)
The back sides have space for making notes/lists and have inspirational quotes on them
32 double sided daily to do pages
One of the first things I do when looking through these pages is look at what they did with the hydrate section – this month has a curly straw coming out of one of the glasses – how cute is that?
The first thing on the To-Do List is “Embrace Change” – this is so hard to do . . .
2016-05-11 21.14.45Here’s the Add On kit:
Yellow Geometric pouch by Freckled Fawn – great for keeping things together in one place – not that I have this problem . . .
Cocoa Daisy exclusive Sticky Note pad – it’s pink with light orange diagonals – super cute!
2 Cocoa Daisy exclusive sticker sheets by Just Jaimee – because you can NEVER have too many stickers
Shimelle Starshine Epoxy Clips 6/kit *assorted – you also can NEVER have too many clips – these are adorable!
Cocoa Daisy exclusive Bird in Flight stamp – I have the bird stamp set from a past kit and love them!! – It’s carrying a coffee cup!! Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!

2016-05-11 21.15.22The add-on also came with this Pretty Little Studio 8×8 transparency – perfect for dashboards or layering over other paper.
2016-05-11 21.15.54I also got some other pretty things:

C’est La Vie Acetate Alphabet by Pink Paislee – don’t forget to peel the layer of plastic off these when you use them – they look a lot better without it, lol.
Illustrated Faith She Blooms Washi Tape – 30 feet of 5/8 inch wide washi tape – the flowers were so pretty – pretty much a sucker for floral washi . . .
The Daisy Dori Includes:
• Kraft embossed cover (“Start Here”)
• Pages include:
◦ Monthly Calendar
◦ 3 lined journaling pages
◦ 11 blank (with design) pages
◦ 10 graph paper with 7 sections
◦ 10 unlined paper with 3 sections
◦ Last page with design

I can’t wait to plan for the month of June (my birthday month) with all of these beautiful “Marrakesh” themed planner products!!!!!

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May LGL Kit 12 Now and Then in Action

2016-04-30 15.08.12

Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

I’m getting my create on and putting the May LGL Kit 12 Now and Then In Action!!!! This month’s kit is in the Honey Girl color palette of raspberry, pink, green, turquoise, and blue – beautiful, bright colors!!

2016-04-30 15.08.55

This is the May divider in my Coral Carpe Diem planner. I use this planner to track my social media data – blog views, Instagram followers, and Pinterest “My Projects” board followers.

2016-04-30 15.09.43

Here is the month-on-two-pages spread. When I’m decorating planner pages, the first thing I do is add washi. The next thing I do is see if the larger ephemera will fit somewhere.

So . . . I ran a piece of washi across the top, put the F U N and May diecuts at the top. And I put some of the ticket stubs across the bottom, dividing it between the pages.

Then I put the date labels in the appropriate boxes – really, those view master reels are perfect and add pizzazz to the page – Lovin’ this! I used the Simple Stories Carpe Diem hole reinforcers on the holes – because, you know, there wasn’t enough color, lol.

I added some stickers, sentence strips, and stamped a heart with the stamp kit from last month and the Lime Pie ink from this month’s kit.

2016-04-30 15.10.25

Here’s the goal page – I added the large view master reel here, stamped a heart, added tickets and stickers, this was soooooo much fun!!!!!

2016-04-30 15.11.26

Week 1: I made a booboo when I was writing the dates in (yeah, started on the wrong day), so I used a 1/2” scallop punch, punched out circles, attached them, and labeled them – cute, huh? You can solve a lot of problems with stickers, lol.

I like to add extra writing space, so I hinged one of the journal cards here with washi. I overlapped some of the gumboil stickers and trimmed them off at the edge of the pages – layering stickers is a really fun way to create unique decor.

I’ll write around the angled tickets – makes the page look dimensional???? Anyway, I like the way the page looks after I write around designs.

2016-04-30 15.12.26

Week 2: I put the pinwheel jar diecut on this page – I also inserted the single pinwheel and it’s just the right addition, don’t you think? I’m really loving the tickets – I tore this one on purpose, and really like the way it looked.

I hinged another journal card on the right side – space for writing . . . one of my favorite planner additions.

2016-04-30 15.13.07

Week 3: Aren’t these colors bright and cheerful? I thought I could write on the balloons – wouldn’t that be cute? The little circles on the bottom right section are the centers from the Simple Stories hole reinforcers – use everything!!!!! I’m going to use it as a To Do list.

2016-04-30 15.14.25

Week 4: Lots of pink and raspberry on these pages, that mint washi really complements the kit’s colors.

2016-04-30 15.13.46

Last Week: One last hinged journal card – doubling writing space.

This kit did not come with library pockets, so I took one from the last kit, covered it in green paper and decorated it. It’s an awesome place to add extras – tickets, memorabilia, receipts, etc.
2016-04-30 15.16.30Above are the Simple Stories Carpe Diem hole reinforcers on the left. On the right is the stamp set from The Reset Girl’s Awakening Kit 11 and the Lime Pie inker from this kit.

2016-04-30 15.16.52
These are the long journaling cards from this kit – I added kit diecuts and Simple Stories sentence strips to the front and back. I use these for making lists – To Do’s, Shopping, etc.
2016-04-30 15.15.34Phew, Murphy is tired!!! Isn’t he adorable hiding in the middle of the washi?

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Listers Gotta List Kit 12 Now and Then

2016-04-24 21.13.10

Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

I got my May Listers Gotta List Kit 12 Now and Then and it’s “all about celebrating the past as well as the present!” I’m all about nostalgia and I know I’m gonna love this kit!

2016-04-24 21.28.40

Mmmmmm, I looooove black and white polka dots . . .

2016-04-24 21.29.30

And, this is what’s inside – I see Honey Girl colors – raspberry, pink, lime green, turquoise, and blue – ink, washi, a glue stick, tickets, Murphy, and Cory x2  . . .

2016-04-24 21.30.32

Here are the journal cards – lots of spaces to add journaling, lists, quotes, pictures, memories, and whatever else you want to record. I like to put washi on an edge to make a hinge where I can write something underneath, put a picture, or some other surprise.

2016-04-24 21.31.13

The newest member of my washi family is mint green with a white cross design, pretty, pretty, pretty. Aaaaaaagggggghhhhh! Yeah, I kinda like washi, lol.

There’s the obligatory mini collage glue stick, Cory’s favorite, and it’s included in every kit.

Those tickets – I’m thinking about what I can do with them – add stickers, quotes, pictures, record special moments, movies, activities. Oh, the possibilities are endless . . .

2016-04-24 21.31.47

There are four sheets of The Reset Girl stickers, two sheets of Simple Stories phrase stickers, and 31 header prompt cards for the monthly Listers Gotta List challenge. The colors are nice and bright – raspberry, pink, lime green, blue, black . . .

2016-04-24 21.32.29

Finally, here’s the second collection of The Reset Girl die cuts! They are F U N, it says so . . .

I see balloons, pinwheels, a view master, paints, Bingo, Queen of Hearts, scissors, houses, a popsicle, clouds, flowers. Oh my, they are so colorful, they’re going to look awesome in my planner.

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

April Paper Panduh Box in Action

2016-04-24 21.00.38

Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

You are about to see my April Paper Panduh Box in Action. This month’s subscription box is Paris-themed and full of unexpected and wonderful surprises.

2016-04-27 15.56.35

Here is the monthly spread in my Plum Paper Planner, which is in my lavender and gold Kikki K. I use this planner for my blog planning and execution. You can see Audrey watching over any and all activities – the Audrey clip is from Rue Vogue Shoppe – doesn’t she look elegant and yet playful?

I cut the paper purse from the kit apart and used it as decor, along with the lipstick and coffee cup sticky notes. The turquoise pen sleeping bag is sooooo soft, pretty and really functional – I can keep a pen in the holder and easily find it in my bag.

I hole-punched the Paper Panduh business card and put it in this section – a nice decorative touch, huh?

This spread is where I plan my blogs for the month – they are listed on sticky notes so I can move them around if I need to.

2016-04-27 16.00.57

I made a dashboard out of the welcome decoration from the inside cover of the box. Who knew coral and gold would go together so well?

2016-04-27 16.01.41

Here’s the week one spread. I was experimenting with the washi each week this month. In this one, I layered the red plaid washi, the blue washi, and the green patterned washi in various ways – didn’t love any of them, hmmmm. I used the perfume washi from March’s kit across the bottom – I DO love this washi, and I definitely need to get more . . .

Then I added some stickers and sticky notes – I like to leave lots of white space for my daily lists – to do’s, errands, blog titles . . .

2016-04-27 16.18.10

I bought the 5 piece skinny washi pack from the Paper Panduh site and ran a strip of the pink washi across the words, and then layered the red plaid washi over it – not baaaad . . .

2016-04-27 16.18.54

On this spread, I used my paper trimmer and cut the washi strips in half long ways – the awesome thing about doing this with washi is that it sticks to the trimmer and doesn’t shift – a little trick I learned from Tori Bissell (check out her videos, she has lots of useful tips). Anyway, I layered the cut strips on top of the blue washi – this is okay . . .

Oh yeah, I put the framed llama on the other piece of the paper purse – too funny!!! Hahahaha, framed llama . . . why is that soooooo funny??

2016-04-27 16.19.57

I put the Eiffel Tower weekend sticker on the last weekend of the month – this is the official start of my retirement – reason for celebration – BIG celebration!!

Here are my favorite washi/not washi strips. I took the beautiful Eiffel Tower paper from the bottom of the box, cut it into strips, put some adhesive on the back side and ran it across the pages – I LOVE THIS!!!! I am a believer in using as much as I can from the kit.


Here is the final spread. I adhered the brown envelope to the last page and I’ll store the stickers I didn’t use yet inside it – I M.A.Y. occasionally misplace things (if you saw my crafting area, you would understand).

Lastly, I took the tag from the outside of the drawstring bag and I’m using it like a planner charm – cool, huh?

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April Paper Panduh Subscription Box

2016-04-24 20.59.55Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

Eeeeeek!! I got my April Paper Panduh subscription box!

The biggest reason I love the Paper Panduh boxes is that they are full of surprises – this box does NOT disappoint.

She personalizes something in each kit, so it’s the first thing I look for. The above tag is this month’s personalization – I love my name all lower case . . .
2016-04-24 21.43.40The box arrives in a metallic gold foil mailer – very distinctive – and has her signature purple logo and hashtag.

2016-04-24 20.58.38

This is my first view inside – “Paris is always a good idea!” – a Paris street complete with Eiffel Tower. I’ve actually been to Paris – it was a once in a lifetime experience – and I loved it!!!

There’s blue tissue paper with a scattering of diecut flowers in lovely spring-colored patterns.

2016-04-24 20.59.24

Prolonging the reveal, everything is inside this muslin drawstring bag with an Eiffel Tower stamped in the lower right corner, and a scalloped circle that has “Paris” written in a beautiful calligraphy font.

Wow, so pretty . . .

2016-04-24 21.00.38

Here are the items from inside the bag. There are still plenty of surprises ahead . . .
2016-04-24 21.35.16 (1)Look at this cute little bag – I’m pretty sure you’re going to see parts of it in my Paper Panduh In Action blog on Friday. Just sayin’ . . .

The bag is held closed with a piece of clear washi that has a pretty pink flower on it – a little surprise. Inside the bag are three rolls of 1/4” washi. Oh yes, a very, very cute bag.
2016-04-24 21.36.08Wow, check this out! It’s a pen sleeping bag “Exclusively Created for Paperpanduh.” They come in various colors. This one is turquoise and it is soooooo soft!

The pen has a crown and a pink gem on the cap and is 0.5 mm. It writes a little “scratchy” (I prefer gel pens), but it’s so darned cute that I’ll HAVE to use it!!

2016-04-24 21.07.39Look at these sticky notes, aaaaaggggghhhh!! They are so cute, and check out the detail – the coffee cup has a lipstick mark on it, I mean, really – how cute is that? Probably not very functional – I mean, you can’t really write notes on the camera, but they are definitely decorative and there are A LOT of them!
2016-04-24 21.36.45 (1)The next surprise is a brown envelope with a “Paris postmark” on it tied with a piece of twine. Inside is a sticker sampler from letsmakeitsparkle – they are adorable and very French. Clipped to the outside is a macaroon paper clip from emileespeaks – mine is mint green.

The Paper Panduh business card was tucked in with the clip as well – I love her logo with the watercolor accent and the cute panda face.

2016-04-24 21.08.12

There’s a navy blue “Passport” notebook with blank pages – perfect for photos and journaling when I go on a trip.

And there are more stickers. One set is from Pages N Memories and has travel-themed planner stickers – half boxes, quarter boxes, flags, postmarks, bicycles.

The other set is from Sonia J Design and includes a sheet of washi strips and a sheet of various decorative designs – ha, look at the mustaches . . . There’s a fence?? . . . A framed llama?? Too funny . . .

2016-04-24 21.37.31 (1)

Another surprise is in this purple paper bag – it has a set of Paper Panduh stickers inside. I love the Notre Dame ones – Paris skyline – Eiffel Tower with the heart banner – ooooh, who am I kidding? I love them all!!!!!

2016-04-26 21.12.40

The final surprise is under the tissue paper – isn’t this Eiffel Tower paper lovely??? She lined the bottom of the box with Eiffel Tower paper . . . Her attention to detail and addition of these little extras are some of the many reasons that I continue my subscription every month.

Check back Friday to see what I do with all these be-you-ti-ful Paris-themed things!!!!

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

May Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit in Action

2016-04-17 11.37.34Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

It’s the May Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit In Action. Peach, aqua, light blue, vintage florals, soooooo pretty!! And I LOVE pretty!
2016-04-17 11.38.11Here is the month tab, peach pen, notepad, and tassel clip. They really go well with my hot pink Filofax Domino, don’t you think?

2016-04-17 11.38.48

This is the month on two pages. I ran the cherry blossom washi down the inside edges, added my monthly activities, stickers, and die cuts. I don’t overdo filling the dates in – I want to leave plenty of room for additions. I try not to put too much on my pages anyway, because I don’t want to take away from the basic design – I want to complement . . . not distract . . .

2016-04-17 11.39.27

The page on the left is my yearly goals page – I carry over from the other months – this gives me a “big picture” view of the year and what I want to accomplish.

The page on the right is where I started planning. May begins on a Sunday and ends on a Tuesday – the pages run from Monday to Sunday – so here’s what I did. I separated the two pages, put one at the beginning for May 1 and put the other at the end for May 30 and 31. It worked perfectly this month.

2016-04-17 11.40.20

Here’s the week-on-one-page. I put a cherry blossom washi banner on each Thursday – just because it’s in the middle, lol. Aren’t the colors so pretty? I used the magnetic bookmarks to separate the weeks making them easy to flip from week to week when I need to.

2016-04-17 11.41.01

Here’s the first full week. I ran the washi across the top of the weekend days, put a number in the top left corner signifying what week it is, and used the numbered banners to label the dates – I usually write them in. Hmmm, the banners were just a little too wide to fit between the edge of the page and the day – I think they would’ve looked better there. Just sayin’.

2016-04-17 11.41.38

Here’s the second full week. Oh man . . . I have a dentist appointment . . . that’s something to look forward to . . .

2016-04-17 11.42.28

Here’s the third week – I get to go to Great America with the 8th graders. So much fun!

2016-04-17 11.44.44

Here’s the final full week – I put a banner on Thursday – it’s the last day of the school year. Friday is the 1st day of my retirement – a new chapter begins . . .

2016-04-17 11.45.28

Last two days of the month. Memorial Day is always a busy weekend at the lake – hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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Cocoa Daisy May Personal Day Planner Kit

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Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today!

Yay, I got a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy, gloomy day! It’s the Cocoa Daisy May Personal Day Planner Kit, and it’s just lovely.

On to the unboxing . . .

2016-04-12 21.06.59

Oh man . . . the black and white polka dotted tissue paper is a little crushed . . . that means it’s FULL of stuff, right?

2016-04-12 21.07.37

The kit came in this brown paper bag – I love things that come in brown paper bags – groceries, alcohol . . .

2016-04-12 21.08.21

The planner kit is in this white muslin cloth bag – “ENJOY EVERY DAY”

Prolonging the experience with tissue paper . . . then a brown paper bag . . .                       then a cloth bag . . . I think I’ll go make a sandwich and look at it for a while . . .

2016-04-12 21.08.53

Mmmmmmm, peach, aqua, florals . . . Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.

2016-04-12 21.09.39

Here you see:
A 3×5 notepad – It has a floral design across the top that kind of looks like vintage wallpaper, a tone on tone polkadot background, and “inspiration is everywhere” across the bottom
Die cuts designed by Jaimee – I LOVE the bicycle!!
A roll of washi tape designed by arleigh – it’s peach, with cherry blossoms running across it – just simply love this
A Copper Mist tassel paper clip from Hautepink Fluff – it’s more of a dusty pink than copper – it’s very thick and a smaller size than other hautepink fluff tassels I have
A set of 3 Project Life Inspire Edition Magnet Tabs – they have the same design on both sides – I just saw these at Joann’s in the Webster’s pages display
2016-04-12 21.10.42
A 5×7 planner sticker sheet – they’ve carried the kit designs over to the stickers – florals, cherry blossoms, polka dots . . .
A 4×6 Exclusive Day and Date sticker sheet – this is new – I like the numbered stickers – perfect for planners and I use these all the time
A Fine Tip peach pen with black gel ink – it literally glides across the paper
2016-04-12 21.11.34Look how pretty the inserts are!! Mango, peach, pink, yellow, green, blue and light blue . . .

• 1 double sided month tab page – OMG, isn’t this beautiful??????
• 5 double sided week in review pages

2016-04-12 21.13.02

Month on 2 pages – I love that they include this in the kit now – I used to have to print them – I would inevitably mess them up – you know, cut them wrong (how this happens, I have not idea!), crooked, and my printer paper is not nearly as nice as this paper.
2016-04-12 21.14.09This is the back side of the month on 2 pages – one has a grid and check boxes – I use this to make my monthly list, the other has monthly boxes – I use this page as my yearly goal page – what I have to do to meet my big goals.

2016-04-12 21.12.15

5 sets of double-sided weekly overview pages (2 per set).

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” Funny, I tell my students this all the time . . .

2016-04-12 21.14.53

32 double-sided daily to do pages.

Someone at Cocoa Daisy has a sense of whimsy because they are always doing something interesting with the hydrate section. This month, there’s a vase in the middle with a flower in it that says “buy myself flowers.” I actually do this all the time – so does my daughter now that she’s grownup – I guess you don’t realize your children are watching you until they start imitating you . . . love my kids . . .

2016-04-12 21.15.27

I was out of town during the presale, so I only got a few extra items:

A Gold faux leather bow planner clip – the color of this reminds me of butterscotch . . .
And, finally, a 12″x12″ Chevron Gold Dot acetate overlay – it looks even better in real life.

Finally, I got the May Daisy Dori Booklet that Includes:
A Kraft embossed cover that says “Start Here”
Its pages include:
◦ Monthly Calendar
◦ 3 lined journaling pages
◦ 11 blank (with design) pages
◦ 10 graph pages with 7 sections
◦ 10 unlined pages with 3 sections
◦ Last page with design

Hey, if you’d like to see some of my other projects, check out my Instagram and Pinterest board, and I would LOVE it if you would follow me.

As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

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