Month: November 2016

SVGCuts Pumpkin Diorama Box Card

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-4-12-24-pm-copyHi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! I’m making the SVGCuts Pumpkin Diorama Box Card from their “Harvest Sunset” file – I LOVE SVGCUTS files!!!! This box card is slightly different from those I’ve done in the past – it’s a diorama – wait till you see the finished card!!!

Above is a screenshot of Cricut Design Space. Two things to remember when using SVGCuts files – #1 change the scorelines to score and attach them to their pieces – #2 change the numbers to write and attach them to their pieces. You can have the scorelines cut, but I think they look better scored.

2016-10-28-20-40-26Here are the cutout pieces. I used Close To My Heart paper in Colonial White, Sweet Leaf, Poppy, Topiary, Honey, Autumn Terracotta, Saddle, and Chocolate. I also used Shimmer cardstock by DCWV and Enchanted by graphic45.

2016-10-28-20-41-20In the left picture, I assembled the flower – inking the petal edges with CTMH Autumn Terracotta and using a Tim Holtz brad for the center.

The center pic shows the assembled front panel. I inked the edges of the barrel with CTMH Cocoa, and the edges of the leaves with CTMH Topiary. I added some bubbles to the vine from my stash.

The right pic has the side panels attached to the front basket piece.
2016-10-28-20-42-24The left pic shows the back panel base attached with the sun peeking through. The right pic shows the decorative pieces attached.
2016-10-28-20-43-15This is Insert 1 – I didn’t embellish the frame because I think the pattern is beautiful just as it is. The right pic shows the insert attached.
Here is Insert 2 – it has curved shapes added to make it look more realistic – attention to detail, attention to detail . . . Insert 2 is attached in the right pic. You can see through Inserts 1 & 2 to the back – this feature is what makes it a diorama . . .

2016-10-28-20-44-53This is the back side of the back panel. A circle was included for you to stamp or write your sentiment on – they think of everything!!
2016-10-28-20-45-20These are the items I used to embellish the card – CTMH Topiary, Autumn Terracotta, Sweet Leaf, and Cocoa inks, colored bubbles from my stash, Tim Holtz brads, and Sparkle Shimmer spritz.
2016-10-28-20-46-01This was a different kind of envelope, and it was included with this svg kit. It has 4 pieces – the base, top flap, and 2 side flaps. I cut an extra top flap so I could line the inside. It was a cool envelope to create.
2016-10-28-20-46-56Not only are box cards impressive to look at, but they also fold flat so you can mail them in an envelope – demonstration above – the card fits perfectly.
2016-10-28-20-47-41Here’s the finished card. I would definitely make more diorama cards if SVGCuts created them (hint, hint).

I LOVE making cards, just sayin’.

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As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .

October 2016 scarlet lime Planner Society Kit

2016-10-28-21-13-49Hi Guys! Come on in and see what I’m doing today! This is the October 2016 scarlet lime Planner Society Kit Part 2. I’m calling this Part 2 because I’ve realized that Planner Society labels their kits according to the month the customer receives it. I’ve always thought of a kit belonging to the month in which I use it. Anyway, I’m naming them the way PS does – hope that’s not too confusing . . .

I love these kits for the vintage florals, colors, and themes. Above is the inside of the box – the florals are yellow, peach, coral and lavender – so, so pretty.
2016-10-28-21-14-23I love how this company prolongs my unboxing experience by putting some items inside sealed paper bags. The above bag has a cream pompom planner charm in it – it ‘s really big and has a lovely green bow attached to it.
2016-10-28-21-14-46The August 2016 Planner Society kit had a black and white polka dotted booklet with page protectors inside for mini sticker sheets. This kit has a larger floral booklet for larger sticker sheets. The inside has a beautiful blue floral design. Now, this is useful!
2016-10-28-21-15-23The rest of the kit items are inside this floral paper bag. The paper is thick and a really good quality. I love how these papers match items throughout the kit,
2016-10-28-21-16-04There are six sheets of thick cardstock – designs are on both sides. Oh my goodness, aren’t they beautiful???? I use them to make dashboards, dividers, and to decorate pages – another incredibly useful item – useful AND beautiful! Win. Win.
2016-10-28-21-16-36As you know, I LOVE WASHI – I mean, really, look at the washi in this kit in the left pic – brown plaid and a matching floral. Holy cow!!

In the center pic are some sticky notes that look like a slice from a tree showing the yearly rings, some puffy stickers, a pretty girl fox paper clip, and a “Live, Love, Plan” card with an adorable girl on it.

The far right pic is of six journal cards – great as they are, or tabs if you stick them above the top of your page, or journal cards, or for making lists – the possibilities are endless . . .
2016-10-28-21-17-03Above left are 12 tabs – PS also includes four sheets of labels for the tabs – nice addition.

Above right are die cuts of woodland critters – fox, owl, bird – flowers, and fall beverages.
2016-10-28-21-17-34Another beautiful paper bag – Don’t Throw The Bags Away – use them for something because they are way too nice to throw out – just sayin’ . . .

Oh yeah, there are two sheets of beautiful stickers inside the bag . . .
2016-10-28-21-18-23Isn’t this an adorable stamp set? See the leaves replacing some of the letters on the word stamps? Fall drinks. Cuteness overload!!!!

And the pen. Sheesh, a LOT of thought goes into these kits . . .
2016-10-28-21-19-01Here’s a shot of this months’ kit. It is just beautiful – if I were designing a planner kit, it would look Just. Like. This. It has just the right amount of items. It has florals. The colors are vintagey (guess that’s not a word anywhere but in my vocabulary, lol). Everything coordinates.

Siiiiiggggghhhhh, I love it . . .

Hey, if you’d like to see some of my other projects, check out my Instagram and Pinterest board, and I would LOVE it if you would follow me.

As always, I’m Livin’ the Moments . . .



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